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Applications for Valuframe.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their pictures. We can help any potential customer decide what profiles to use for their project, but as some of these photos are customer submitted, we can't always discuss the particular project. And we can not be held responsible for any copyright infringement should there inadvertently be any.

aluminium profile frame


It doesn't get much simpler than this to start with!

The frame here is based on 40X40 light series 8 profile. The connectors used are the standard connectors. Why? well, because in this case the customer may have had the time to drill and tap the profiles and although we recommend the no-drill connector, this customer probably needed minimum cost for such a basic frame.

The levelling pads here are inserted directly into the base of the profile by tapping it M8. You can also if you wish, open up the hole to tap it M10 if M8 looks too small for the pad spindles. 

aluminium profile trolley

Similar to the photo above, but this time the frame has castors and panels are fitted to the sides and there shelves too. The castors are again fitted directly in the profiles. The side panels are fitted into the slot using the panel strip. This plastic strip prevents the panels rattling and also compensates for the panel not being absolutely straight. This would be a good application for the no-drill connector as there is always a slot open for it and notching of the panels would not be needed.

The table top and the shelves are made from hard wearing dense plastic laminate. Oddly, the top panel is also sat in the profile slot, creating a ledge. Normally the panel sits on top of the profiles and could have done here.  

black anodised aluminium frame

Here is a special frame made with our 40X40 black anodised series 8 profile.

This profile is available in 40X40 and 40X80 dimensions. It's pre-anodised black so the frame can be built up and shipped out. There's no need to paint it or send the frame for post assembly treatment. You need to be careful with the black profile though, as any small scratches are more visible.

The angles on the frame are created by cutting the profile at an angle and using internal connectors.

Why black anodised profiles? Well, in some applications the customer may want to build an enclosure where there is no reflected light, or the frame is fitted in a light sensitive area. Common applications are for laser and vision systems.  

The light colures strips in the slots on the verticals are slot nuts, lined up waiting to be positioned. Because our slot nuts have a sprung ball in the back, when you have positioned them, they stay exactly where you want them. 

aluminum profile enclosure

 This is a small enclosure for electrical equipment.

Valuframe is an excellent choice for low volume or special enclosures because you do not have to commit to buying a large amount of steel enclosures and you can always develop and change your design as you go along.

Here the customer has used the 1/4 round profile based on 20X20 slot 5 and has used corner block connections.

Using the panel strips to locate the panels in the profile slot, this customer has gone for the aesthetic option.

 racing simulator frame

 This user sent us this picture of his racing simulator.

Not a typical application but it does illustrate how the product is used in many and varied ways. It also illustrates how Valuframe can be used as a basis for a jig or fixture where are the elements need to be moveable during development.

The customer correctly used angle brackets here, because in this instance he needs total flexibility to develop this project as it progresses. The good thing about using angles is that there is no drilling or tapping required and also the angle itself lends strength to the joint. If something is out of position, just undo the angles, move, redo and it's done!

Also there are no panels, so no need to keep the slots open.

aluminium profiles with conveyors

Often when making a machine frame, there is a need to combine other machinery into the frame. Whatever size or shape, there's always a way with Valuframe.

Here you can see that this framework required the customer to combine some belt conveyors into his frame. The customer chose some aluminium profile based conveyors and wisely so, because with the use of a couple of standard angles and slot nuts, his conveyor was fitted, job done!

You can see that this frame is using basic such as 40X40 and 40X80.


machine enclosures

Here you can see some machinery enclosures made with series 8 profiles 90R and utilising the corner blocks to make the 3 way joint in the corners.

The cladding is held into the slot with the series 8 panel strips.

Door handles are fitted to the front door.

Basic hinges are used.

A simple construction gives a professional look.


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