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Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.

Floor Mounts.

Valuframe also offers a vast variety of options for levelling and then securing your framework to the floor. From small levelling screws to heavy duty brackets, we can give you the finesse or strength you need to properly site your aluminium profile framework.

 floor brackets  levelling pad and plate

 Floor mounting brackets

Levelling pads 

Thread in aluminium profile end hole


The holes in Valuframe aluminium profiles are set up to be directly tapped for the fitting of pad plates and other equipment and connectors.

The holes in the profile series can be tapped as standard..

Series 5 = M5

Series 6 = M6

Series 8 and 8X30 = M8

Some holes can be opened up to a larger diameter to accommodate larger threaded holes. For example the hole in the 40X40 Slot 8 profile is intended to be tapped M8 as supplied, but the hole can be opened up and tapped M10 if required.  


How the profile assembly or framework is to be mounted on the floor (if it is floor mounted) needs to be considered at the design stage. How level is the floor? Does the assembly need bolting securely in place? How accurately does it need to be levelled? How heavy is it? Obvious questions that often only get sufficient attention at the last minute. There are a variety of solutions that can be used in conjunction with each other.

Levelling Pads

This is the most common solution adopted, and the most versatile. A variety of pad sizes and materials can ensure that no damage is done to the floor, a large range of height adjustment can be provided and the whole assembly is as portable as you want it to be.

Profile 8 (The most common size for floor mounted assemblies) has a central hole that can be tapped directly M8. This can restrict the number of options available and effectively limits the maximum load to 1500N. The total load and your design will then dictate if this is viable. If it is not you will need to ensure that the upright into which you are inserting the stem has a large enough central cavity and then attach a base plate of appropriate size and which has an appropriate thread.

A further option that may be adopted is to use the Corner Brace with an M12 levelling pad. The corner brace is originally intended as a means of levelling and simultaneously bolting down a machine frame (It has an integral M12 threaded hole for a levelling pad and a Ø 17mm hole for an M16 floor bolt), but this can be used to bring the levelling pad inboard of the periphery of the framework and provide a visually elegant solution to supporting higher loads. The maximum load that can be applied to this solution is 10,000 N.

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