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Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.

Series 8 slot nuts.

Slot nuts for use in Valuframe 8mm slot profile systems are specially designed to fit securely in the 8mm profile slot. The variety of 8mm slot nuts can be confusing for new users but we recommend for the vast majority of applications that you use the highlighted items below.

  • Valuframe slot nuts can be inserted into the profile slot from the profile end, but also through the front of the slot as shown below.
  • The sprung ball in the rear secures the Slot Nut in position when inserted into vertical profiles without the need for additional shims or springs.
  • Series 8 slot nuts are available in stainless steel but you should only use stainless where you have to because it's a more expensive option.


aluminium slot nut slide nuts for aluminium

Series 8 slot nuts


Series 8 heavy duty slot nut

These heavy duty steel slot nuts are used for heavier loadings but can not be inserted from the slot front face.

Series 8 heavy duty slot nut




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