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Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.

Created for engineers by engineers.

aluminium extrusionsValuframe system basis

Valuframe profiles are based generally on 3 dimensional families with a few exceptions.

• Series 5 : 5mm profile slots with 20mm core dimensions.

• Series 6 : 6mm profile slots with 30mm core dimensions

Series 8X30 : 8mm profile slots with 30mm core dimensions

• Series 8 : 8mm profile slots with 40mm core dimensions


There are also some special profiles available for conveying and linear motion applications.

The holes in the end of the profiles can be tapped directly as follows.

Series 5 : Ø 4.3mm hole can be tapped M5

Series 6 : Ø 5mm hole can be tapped M6

Series 8 and 8X30 : Ø 6.8mm hole can be tapped M8


Components are simply ordered using the part number shown. For profiles use the part number followed by the length in mm.

Example: 40X40 light profile @ 1234mm long is 10.8.0040.1234. Any machining should be mentioned ie. “Tap both ends M8”

Standard profile length : 6 Metres

Aluminium profileValuframe system - Inner strength and versatility

Valuframe profiles have a slight camber either side of the profile slot. The main function of this camber is to provide a spring locking effect when the profiles are connected together.

Under pressure the angle or connector used will flatten the camber creating inner spring resistance. This improves the strength of the joint and also vibration resistance. Just another good reason to use Valuframe profiles. 0.1mm camber on the 8mm slot faces







Extruded Profile

Alloy Al Mg Si 0,5 F25

DIN 17615

Mechanical Details

Min. tensile strength Rm 20 N/mm². 0,2% Min. yield point Rp 0,2 200 N/mm². Elongation at rupture 10%. Modulus of elasticity E approx. 70,000 N/mm² Brinell hardness approx. 75 HB


Natural colours, matt (E6/EV1). Scratch and corrosion resistant. Minimum layer thickness 12 μm. Layer hardness 250 - 350 HV


Profile tolerances to DIN 17615, part 3. Core dimensions of Series 8 Profile

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