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Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.

Series 6 Aluminium Profiles - Page 1.

Series 6 aluminium profiles

Used for medium sized frameworks such as enclosures and furniture, these aluminium profiles have a 6mm slot. The outer sizes and slot spacings are based on generic 30mm dimensions as shown above. The central aluminium extrusion hole can be directly tapped M6. A wide rangle of connecting and other parts is available for the Series 6 aluminium profiles.

 30x30 L Aluminium Profile

 Profile 6 30X30


Part Number

10.06.0013aluminium profile stovk level

Weight:0.93 kg/M 

30 x30 Aluminium Extrusion

 Profile 6 30X30

Part Number

10.06.0014aluminium profile stovk level

Weight:1.26 kg/M

 30X30 1N

 Profile 6 30X30 Light


Part Number

10.06.0028aluminium profile stovk level

Weight:0.93 kg/m 

30x30 2N 180 Aluminium Profile

 Profile 6 30X30 2N180 Light

Part Number

10.06.0012aluminium extrusion medium

Weight:0.96 kg/m


30x30 2N Aluminium Extrusion

Profile 6 30X30 Light


Part Number

10.06.0029aluminium profile stovk level


30x30 R90 Aluminum Profile

Profile 6 30X30 R90 Light

Part Number

10.06.0030aluminium profile stovk level



30x60 R45 Aluminium Extrusion

Profile 6 R30/60 45°

Part Number

10.06.0031aluminium extrusion medium



30x30 45 Aluminium Profile 

Profile 6 30X30-45°


Part Number

10.06.0015aluminium extrusion medium

Weight:0.84 kg/M 

 30x60 L Aluminium Profile

Profile 6 30X60 Light

Part Number

10.06.0016aluminium profile stovk level

Weight:1.65 kg/M


 30x60 Aluminium Extrusion

Profile 6 30X60

Part Number

10.06.0017aluminium profile stovk level

Weight:2.29 kg/M:


 30x60 2N Aluminium Profile

Profile 6 30X60 2N Light

Part Number

10.06.0465aluminium extrusion medium

Weight:1.74 kg/M:


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