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Valuframe - The Economy Aluminium Profile System.

Series 8 connectors.

No-drill connectors Series 8

Valuframe no drill connector

Series 8 no drill connector

We now recommend the use of no drill connectors as standard to save you time and money and also to give you flexibility. But if you use more traditional connectors, these are laid out below.

Standard connectors Series 8

Aluminium extrusion connector

The standard connector is the original and most economical profile connector.

This connector does involve drilling and tapping the mating profiles but it’s low cost and strength keep it popular. The "Butterfly” washer prevents profile rotation.


1. Insert washer and screw into M8 pre-tapped profile. Drill access hole in other Profile dia. 20mm from the end (Adapt if you require a flush end cap).

2. Slide washer into slot

3. Align assembly

4. Tighten


Series 8 standard connector

Universal connectors Series 8

The universal connector is a strong connector. The universal connector allows the connecting profiles to be repositioned easily if necessary. Insertion involves boring a hole but there is no tapping of the profiles necessary. There are a variety of types available.

Series 8 Universal connector

Other connectors Series 8

The series 8 profile family has more connecting options than any of the other series. Angle brackets are versatile connectors. They can add considerable strength to the joint. Angles require no machining. Some Valuframe angles have keys mounded on the contact surfaces, these are used to locate the angle in the profile slot and ensure alignment. These keys can be snapped off if not required. There are a variety of types available, some with plastic covers to hide the fastenings and enhance the aesthetic look of your frame. Parallel plates are simple accessories to connect profiles.

Tension connector Series 8

Series 8 tension connector

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